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Perfect for the Happy Tooth

The Toothfriendly Association e.V. was founded in 1985, and is a non-profit organisation of scientists, doctors, dentists, nutritionists, journalists, private individuals and commercial enterprises. The members have set themselves a target to raise awareness to the public about the connections between dental health and nutrition.

The members' activities aim to promote a tooth-healthy diet. Sugar-free, tooth-friendly sweets, which are guaranteed to have been scientifically tested and which have been proven to cause neither tooth decay nor other acid-related damage to the teeth, should be consolidated on the market and promoted as a healthy alternative to mainstream sweets.

The labelling of tested products with the internationally protected 'Happy Tooth with Umbrella' brand gives consumers a helpful guide when choosing 'sugar-free' goods. With targeted public work, the consumer is introduced to the Happy Tooth products - and learns something about diets which are healthy for teeth.

For this reason, dentists, nutrition specialists, the Public Health Service, health insurance funds and many health organisations and companies have supported the work of the association. The uses of the Happy Tooth are explained in their media, in practices, kindergartens, schools and during nutrition consultations. Around 6000 multipliers are constantly working with the association's media.