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Scientific background

About 66% of all tooth misplacements are caused by sucking. As well as the open sucking bite, the cross bite and the overbite, tongue dysfunction can also occur. The clarity of your child's speech can be considerably affected by this as a result.

In close collaboration with leading dentists, we have now succeeded in developing a new kind of pacifier in accordance with current scientific findings.

The Dentistar pacifier has everything a good pacifier needs!

Extra flat shaft

The pressure on jaws and teeth is decreased by up to 90% and can prevent jaw deformation.




Tooth-friendly dental-step

The distance between the upper and lower incisors is reduced, thanks to the dental-step. This lowers the risk of an open bite.

Maximum sucking comfort

As the front gum area which is relevant to the pacifier barely expands as the child ages, the Dentistar keeps its shaft length and makes sucking more comfortable.


More space for the tongue

As the Dentistar pacifier is adapted to the shape of the gums and upward angled, the tongue keeps its natural free space and tongue dysfunctions (e.g. lisping) can be avoided.