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Dentistar Oral Cleaning Finger

Soft Oral Cleaning from the start:
With the Oral Cleaning Finger the gums are gently massaged and plaques hygienically removed. The Zinc Oxide in its composition makes the Oral Cleaning Finger antibacterial, which significantly restricts bacterial growth.

• for mouth and dental care
• produced with antibacterial zinc oxide
• spot.on massage
• soft and flexible cotton
• one size fits all
• Made in Germany

* According to EU regulation

Oral Care Set

This set is perfect for tender oral care and dental hygiene from the beginning.
Finger Toothbrush

The finger toothbrush made of silicone gently cleanses and massages baby's palate and the first few teeth. The bristles are especially soft and flexible and the backside of the tip provides a spot-on massage of the gums. It is easy to clean and therefore very hygienic.

Tooth gel for babies
The specific formula without fluoride is perfect for babies oral care, even before the first teeth are there. So your baby gets used to a gentle and thorough oral hygiene at an early age. Later, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned by regular brushing and caries and plaque are prevented. Made in Germany*. BPA free**:

*Tooth gel **according to EU regulation

Tooth Care Starter Set

1. Brushing Trainer with protection ring
Soft rubber tips gently massages the gums.
2. Toothbrush for children
With soft, rounded nylon bristles. Perfect for the first teeth. With an angled brush head.
3. Tongue Cleaner

For a gentle cleaning of the tongue. Improves mouth hygiene.

With the brushing trainer your child gently masages their gums and consequently gets used to brushing their own teeth. The protetion ring prevents the brushing trainer from reaching too far down the throat. With the toothbrush mom and dad brush their little one's teeth and with the tongue cleaner optimal oral hygiene is also ensured. The ergonomically shaped and non-slip handles lie well in the hand and ensure a secure grip. Designed in Germany. BPA free.*

*according to EU regulation

Comfort Nasal Aspirator

The nasal aspirator with very soft tips helps clearing the nose from nasal secretion when your baby has a blocked nose. To assure a comfortable application extra soft with different sizes are provided. BPA free*.

• extra soft tips
• small tip - for particular delicate noses
• wider tip - for larger noses

*according to EU regulation