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STOPPiĀ® - Weaning Soother

The Dentistar STOPPi® Weaning Soother helps your little one to say goodbye to pacifier and thumbs. Just a few weeks are enough.

STOPPi® is applied like a normal pacifier. But: it belongs to the teeth - that is, between the lips and the row of teeth!

Thanks to its rear bite bars, the STOPPi® lies perfectly in the mouth. The front teeth and the tongue are not stressed.

After the second year of life only STOPPi® should be in the mouth. It serves as a pacifier/thumb replacement at the usual times.

1. Bite Block for the back teeth

2. No foreign bodies between the incisors

3. Splint lies in front of the teeth

From BPA free* materials.
This product complies with EN 1400.
Made in Germany.

*according to EU regulation