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The expert

Prof. Dr. Rolf Hinz is a specialist orthodontist and active as an orthodontist in his practice, 'Prof. Hinz & Partners'.

He also founded the Dr. Hinz Orthodontics Special Laboratory, the dentistry specialist publishers, the 'diePRAXIS' training centre, and later the HARANNI ACADEMY and the HARANNI CLINIC. He also received his doctorate at the University of Witten / Herdecke in 1987, became a university professor a year later, and was also called to the professorial chair for Orthodontics.

Despite his many activities, Prof. Hinz has always mainly focused on working with children. Fascinated by the opportunities for dental prophylaxis, early orthodontic treatment and prevention became the focal point of his activity.

He is not only active as a scientist, businessman, orthodontist and university professor, but also as a publisher and an author of specialist books. Two of his works are Milk Teeth - From Baby Tooth to Tooth and Children's Teeth.

Expert interviews

Prof. Hinz also contributed his knowledge to the development of our Dentistar pacifier. He has supported us with further product developments and always given us plenty of advice.

In the following interviews, he gives informative answers on the topics of Dentistar pacifier and healthy development of teeth.

How did the idea of the Dentistar pacifier emerge?

Why does the tip of the Dentistar have the shape of a spoon?

Why does the Dentistar have a gap?

Why does size 1 of the Dentistar pacifer have such a weak gap and size 2 a much stronger and more distinctive gap?

How does the pacifier look when the tip is inside the mouth?

Is it bad when babies suck on their thumb?

When should babies stop using a pacifier?

Is a child's speech development influenced by the use of a pacifier?

What is an open bite?